About Us

About SS Media Co

SS Media Co was established in 1998, our approach to business is to be smart, simple, honest and effective. We hold ourselves accountable to create things the right way. We believe the process of design should be fun and inspiring for everyone involved. Since 1998 our goal has been to create awesome websites and provide excellent service to our clients. Today our focus is developing Responsive websites, coaching clients on effective Social Media marketing strategies and helping establish and strengthen brands.

Scott Smith


Since 1998, Scott has specialized in new media design & development, prior to starting SS Media Co, Scott produced & edited 13 short films with STIFF Films Inc. Scott’s background in Television and Video production has played a major roll in creating engaging websites.

If Scott’s not busy strategizing with clients with their online business or careers, then he’s probably waist-deep in the day-to-day activities at SS Media Co. During off-hours, Scott can often be found blogging or podcasting about the ever expanding world of craft beer & home brewing. Follow Scott’s adventures in craft beer by visiting SmittysBrewReview.com or subscribe to his podcast A Pint With Friends.

Shannon Smith


Shannon is designer, DIY crafter and marine mammal advocate from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Shannon spends most of her day working on site concepts, designing layouts & shaping clients ideas into reality.

When Shannon leaves the office her creativity is far from done, her interests include sewing, cosplay, reading comics and embracing her inner nerd.  You can follow these and other projects on her coastal inspiration & lifestyle blog InspireReef.com.

Shannon joined SS Media Co in 2000 where she combined both her technical and management skills with her natural artistic ability. She has a sharp eye for visual design, a keen sense of information logic, and a good working knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work on the web or in print.