Images In Vogue


Images in Vogue was a Canadian new wave group in the 1980s.

The band was formed in 1981 in Vancouver, and originally consisted of vocalist Dale Martindale, guitarist Don Gordon (later of Numb), synth players Joe Vizvary and Glen Nelson, bassist Gary Smith and percussionist Kevin Crompton (better known as cEvin Key). The band’s manager was Kim Clarke Champniss, later to become a MuchMusic VJ.

Gary Smith approached SS Media Co and invited us to explore his IIV archives. Gary wanted to created an interactive and digital archive of the bands accomplishments and achievements.  Gary worked meticulous with us to ensure that every detail of the bands history was captured and presented in a engaging way.

Gary also invited former bandmate Joe Vizvary contribute pages and pages of content, including song descriptions and liner notes for all unreleased versions of songs & live recordings.

Dive in and rediscover one of Canada’s best bands in this ultimate Images In Vogue Anthology website.


Project Details

Client: Images In Vogue
Year: 2007

Content Strategy
Graphic Design

Complete Discography

This is nearly all of IIV’s recordings, remastered and features song descriptions and samples and even some free downloads.


Explore the IIV’s achievements and milestones in the interactive Timeline.

Email Marketing

We developed all kinds of email marketing materials which featured unreleased songs, new recordings, t-shirts and other merchandise.

Additional Sections

Sampling of the artwork created for the Anthology website including merchandise.