Tamar Davis


Tamar Davis contacted SS Media Co back in 2008 over the next 5 years we developed multiple versions of tamardavis.com, including flash and later WordPress versions.  All versions of tamardavis.com we integral to the furthering of Tamar’s career, a calling card showcasing her amazing talents, as well as journal of her thoughts and inspirations.

Project Details

Client: Tamar Davis
Year: 2012
View: Offline

WordPress CMS Development
Content Strategy
Graphic Design

2010 Website

The flash websites which SS Media Co was known for at the time was an exceptional interactive experience rich with audio, video and photos. As Flash faded and social media became a major force, later versions of the site aggregated content and feeds from her growing accounts. The 2010 version as seen here was the favourite incarnation of the website here at SS Media Co.  Striking visuals to support the vibrant photography and release of Tamar’s single Static.


Who is Tamar Davis?

Támar Davis, is an American R&B singer who came to prominence through her association with the artist Prince. She sang the co-lead vocals on his Grammy-nominated song “Beautiful, Loved and Blessed” from his 2006 album, 3121 and on backup vocals throughout the album. Támar started her musical career in the group Girl’s Tyme, appearing with them on Star Search, but left before the group was renamed Destiny’s Child.


SS Media Co has brought a lot of attention to my website. As soon as it launched, people were commenting and continually asking me who delivered such a well-thought out site. SS Media Co was always punctual: always there to execute my vision and on-time with answering my phone calls. They are the best in handling any idea and style that you can imagine.

Tamar Davis

Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Syren Music