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Kritter Kookies features both an online store & “my pet profiles” why not stop by and create an online profile for your pet and order some healthy and all natural treats for you pet!

More about Kritter Kookies
Kritter Kookies bakery began over 18 years ago by a wonderful woman named Cassy. She abandoned her Veterinary Medicine degree for a degree in Agriculture and Animal Nutrition. Her studies prompted her idea to create a nutritious, all natural pet treat. Thus became the birth of Kritter Kookies and Smackin’ Snax treats. Only the best quality, human-grade ingredients are used in her recipe.

After 16 years of producing Smackin’ Snax, Cassy’s health forced her to sell Kritter Kookies. She wanted to find a new owner who had the drive and commitment to keep her dream thriving. Cassy met Lucy Gladhart in March 2009 and started training with Lucy on how to bake Smackin’ Snax perfectly. It is an acquired skill that cannot be achieved overnight. During the training, Cassy shared the wonderful stories and pictures of the Kritter Kookies customers and their loving pets. Their pictures are posted on the walls of the bakery. Soon after the purchase of Kritter Kookies in March, 2010, Lucy introduced a new shape called “Tiny Snax”. There had been many requests from customers for a very small training treat – so the Tiny Snax are half the size of the Mini Snax. They are perfect training treats for small breed dogs and just the right size treat for small exotics such as Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Rats, Chinchillas and Sugar Gliders.