[singlepic id=140 w=296 h=430 float=left]Complete luck! We were trying to follow the touch out near UBC and missed it, we just decided to just go downtown for no particular reason. We saw crowds of people still along the road near the Granville Bridge so, we parked the car about 6 blocks away and ran back and waited for the torch. When the torch got close to us the crowd came rushing along with it. After being knocked around we  looked to see if we got anything. Shannon managed to get a single clean shot right before she nearly got knocked over and trampled. Not only was is a decent shot! To our amazement it was Michael Bublé, one of our past clients.

Video of the mob behind Michael as he runs with the torch, which shoved and pushed everyone in their path. Police followed behind oblivious to it all and did a poor job of controlling the crowd.